About Us

play based learning
In 2017, I became a Mum to an amazing little girl and I quickly found my passion in play, learning and childhood development. I collected and researched play based learning for toddlers and children in preparation for a course in Early Childhood Development and Care.

My attachment style parenting has yet to allow me to have the space for a course or work placement, so I focused on my own baby’s development and decided to start up a small business in building complete “small worlds” for play based learning. Watching my daughter play and interact with her little environment has been more imaginative than any other toy. She utilises tools, problem solving and her dolls/animals have personalities and dialect.

She finds her own way to play and immerses herself long enough for me to cook a decent meal or have a shower!

We look forward to sharing our world with you.
If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.