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New Baby Checklist

There are a ton of things to do when prepping for baby’s arrival. From setting up the nursery to gathering the gear for sleeping, eating and diapering, it’s easy to keep busy buying baby necessities—but where do you start, and exactly what do you need for a baby? Read on for a complete baby checklist of items to add to your baby registry, plus a printable!

Aside from clothes, nappies and a car seat, these are the best things to make sure you have before baby arrives, all in one place!

#1 Pram

A great pram has a lot of storage and is easy to control. This lightweight stroller from bebe care features a large extendable hood, 4 position full recline and a 5 point safety harness to keep your child comfortable at all times. The Mira DLX Stroller also folds into a compact, easy to carry item, ensuring no matter where you go, your Mira DLX Stroller will too.

#2 Nappy Bag

Skiphop Duo Signature Nappy Bag Tonal Chevron

Baby requires a lot of gear! Spare clothes, nappies, wipes, comforter – plus a nappy bag pretty much replaces your handbag as well, so it’s got to look nice and have loads of pockets!

The Duo Signature easily converts from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag, has 10 pockets including an easy-access tech pocket and a cushioned changing pad for on-the-go nappy changes!

Stylish Nappy Bag by SkipHop $70.93

#3 Baby Monitor

Keep an eye and ear on bub – whether you’re having coffee with a friend in the kitchen or hanging out the washing. Project Nursery’s newest video monitor system includes all the features you need at an affordable price.

4.3″ Video Baby Monitor $246

#4 Change Table

The safest place to change a baby is on the floor or on your bed, but a change table saves your back and houses the nappies, powder, creams and clothes.

Artiss Change Table with Drawers $350

#5 Nursery Organiser

This excellent nursery organisation set is a fantastic way to keep everything easily accessible. This handy set includes 15 velvet hangers, 6 closest dividers, two small bins, plus a six-shelf hanging organiser. Each item is designed specifically for kid-sized stuff with a durable construction that can handle heavy use.

24 Piece Nursery Storage Set $87.20

#6 Portable Nappy Caddy

Keep your baby’s essentials neatly organised and within easy reach with this Portable Nursery Caddy from Delta Children. This caddy folds flat when not in use to save space, and the easy-to-grab handle at the top makes it simple to carry when full. The perfect place to store diapers, wipes, ointments and more, this Nursery Caddy is constructed from durable non-woven fabric with a cardboard inner making it both sturdy and lightweight. And when you no longer need the caddy in your nursery, it makes a great storage bin for art supplies!!

Portable Fabric Nappy Caddy $48.10

#7 Nightlight

Soothe baby with preloaded lullabies, white noise and natural sounds, or stream unlimited music and stories from your smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth.

Dreamweaver Bluetooth Speaker & Nightlight $92.70

#8 Swaddles

Keep baby snug and warm with these easy to wrap velcro swaddles

View more Swaddles here

#9 Bottles and Dummies

Twistshake anti-colic breastfeeding friendly bottles and dummies

View our range of Bottles, Teats, and Dummies

#10 Nursing Pillow

Feed baby in comfort with a nursing pillow.

Maternity and Nursing Body Support Pillow $56.90

#11 Baby Carrier

There’s a high chance that baby will go through clingy phases of not wanting to be put down. A baby carrier makes it possible to keep baby close while still being able to have your hands free. You can learn more about these clingy phases through Wonder Weeks, as sometimes it is predictable and developmental!

Childcare Baby Carrier holds a baby from 3.6kg to 9.1kg, either at home or whilst out and about.

Childcare Baby Carrier $80.10

#12 Portable Play Pen

A portable play dome thats perfect for nap-time or playtime, at home or on the go! With a comfy and trendy print mattress pad, 3 removable hanging toys and a removable canopy, this versatile play dome can be used indoors or out!

Portable Baby Play Dome Pen $160

#13 Baby Safety Gate

As the gatekeeper of your family’s safety, you deserve to enjoy a little peace of mind. That’s why the Childcare Assisted Auto Close Gate features a unique, gravity-fed hinge that closes and secures the latch automatically. Simply release the handle and the gate closes and locks itself.

Assisted Auto Close Gate $109.90

#14 Baby Bouncer

The lightweight Jenta Rocker from Childcare is designed to calm and soothe your child. Suitable from birth this gorgeous nursery accessory offers multiple reclining positions for play and rest, a removable toy bar for entertainment and the ability to use in stationary or rocker mode.

Jenta Baby Rocker $136.40

#15 High Chair

Pod High Chair - Noir

Feeding time can be difficult enough, so you need a high chair that is convenient, reliable and versatile. A great high chair has a removable and adjustable tray, is easy to operate, lightweight, and has a footrest for additional comfort. We have high chairs that convert from a highchair to a toddler seat – it grows with your child!

Pod Highchair $235

#16 Bassinet

Bebe Care Crib - White

Even though a bassinet is only used for a short amount of time in comparison to a cot, the wheels make it easy to transport baby from room to room and keep her within sight at all times. I also still used it when baby was sitting instead of carrying her! She could sit in it and watch me in the kitchen relatively happily. The height of the bassinet saves your back a little more when placing baby down (if you can!).

Bebe Care Bassinet $256.20

#16 Cot

Bristol Cot - White

A cot with adjustable height and an easy to release side is a great place for baby to sleep and rest. The top height is useful from birth and you lower the height when baby is able to sit or pull to stand.

The Bristol Cot’s (pictured) side is also completely removable to be converted from a cot to a sofa or a toddler bed (with the bed side rail sold separately)

Bristol Cot $393.90
Cot Mattress $151.60
Toddler Bed Safety Rail $70.60

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How to Colour Rice for Sensory Play

How to Colour Rice for Sensory Play

How to Colour Rice for Sensory Play

For each colour of rice you need:

  • 1 cup of rice
  • 1/2 tsp vinegar
  • Food colouring or gel


  • Pour a cup of rice into a container that has a lid
  • Add food colouring to 1/2 tsp of vinegar and drizzle over the rice
  • Pop the lid on your container, and shake it. Add more colour if it’s not quite as bright as you’d like.
  • Transfer rice on to a tray and allow it to dry out for awhile.

Coloured rice is wonderful for sensory play, discovery bottles, and to generally brighten things up in crafting.

Use Vinegar, not Rubbing Alcohol
Most recipes for dyeing rice uses rubbing alcohol to set the food colouring so it doesn’t stain your hands when you’re playing with it.
I recommend the vinegar option a try, we know for sure it works as a more kid-friendly alternative to the rubbing alcohol.
I’m happy to say that my rice turned out really vibrant, and I’ve run my hands through all the colours while it’s drying, and the colour doesn’t transfer to my hands, you can add oil to the vinegar in rice or oil in play dough, to make it smell good.

How to Colour Rice for Sensory Play

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How to Make Play Dough Yourself at home

How to Make Play Dough

How to Make Play Dough Yourself at home

You need:

  • 2 cups plain flour (all purpose)
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil  (or baby oil and coconut oil work too)
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 tablespoons cream of tartar (found in the baking aisle)
  • 1 to 1.5 cups boiling water
  • gel food colouring (optional)
  • 2 tablespoons of glycerine (optional)


  • Mix the flour, cream of tartar and oil in a large mixing bowl
  • Add food colouring and salt to the boiling water then pour into the bowl
  • Stir till combined
  • Add the glycerine (optional)
  • Allow it to cool down then take it out of the bowl and knead it until it’s no longer sticky
  • If it remains sticky, add a touch more flour until it’s just right

You can display your play dough in a tray (affiliate link) with loose parts to encourage children to create and decorate!

Benefits of Play dough Play:

1. Fine Motor Skill Development: great for strengthening muscle tone in little hands – squishing, squashing, rolling, flattening play dough all develop children’s muscles and encourage pre-writing and other skills such as cutting with a scissors, using a tweezers, holding a pencil etc.

2. Calming and therapeutic: simply sitting and squashing and rolling a piece of play dough in your hand is a very calming and soothing activity.  For years I have been giving children play dough “stress” balls in class as a way of easing tension, releasing extra energy, improving focus and concentration. Can be a great outlet for children to express their emotions

3. Creativity and imagination:  the possibilities for play dough play are limitless – my kids love to create all sorts of things with play dough – some days they create monsters and aliens, on other occasions they have made cupcakes, pizzas, gardens, houses, Christmas decorations.  I love to provide them with a wide variety of materials to use with the play dough, inspiring creativity and encouraging use of their imaginations.

4. Develops hand-eye co-ordination: by using a variety of materials and objects in play dough play can enhance hand-eye co-ordination.

5.  Social skills:  any activity where children are hands-on involved creates a fantastic opportunity for developing social skills. Playing with play dough in small groups and or with adults presents lots of possibilities for talk and discussion, playing collaboratively, problem solving and planning with others.  Encourage your children to describe what they are doing while they play.

6. Literacy and Numeracy development: we have used play dough for a variety of literacy and numeracy activities – it’s a great fun way of involving children in literacy and numeracy activities, some of which you can see in our Pre-writing Activities.

7.  Promotes Play:  allows children to be children, to slow down and play, using a range of their senses and skills.

Benefits Courtesy ourlittlehouseinthecountry

How to Make Play Dough Yourself at home

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